Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Little Uncreative Prose


It's true. For my friends out there who know me as the one who cannot and will not write linearly with a smile. . . Well, I'm not doing that either. I have a bit of writer's block, you see. Not from lack of ideas, but from too many ideas. Christmas holiday has left my mind hollow as a cream puff. Actually, there are still a few academic stressers bouncing around in there, but now my mind is full of imaginary stories and experiences. I want to write them all, but I only have the initial sparks of curiousity for each. Agrivating.

But it has me thinking. In the story of a person's life, who's to say the inner-world of contemplation and imagination aren't also valid, dare I say REAL, parts of one's story? If I were to write a biography, fictional or otherwise, would it have to be based on exterior events, or could it be an interplay between outer-world and inner-world? Or,perhaps, simply the character's inner-world/s?